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Dear Community Member,

University Academy Charter High School is a college preparatory public high school founded in 2002. The school is located on West Side Avenue in a building owned by New Jersey City University. Since its inception, UACHS has been striving to become one of the best high schools in Jersey City. Test scores are on the rise and in fact, exceed many other public high schools in the area. UACHS has a very important partner in The Friends of UACHS. They are a Nonprofit Organization primarily made up of parents and alumni. They seek to reward graduates with scholarships to help alleviate costs of college. They also seek to provide meaningful and engaging support to the Jersey City Community. Therefore, we are asking you to please contribute to our cause by selecting one or more of the options below:

You may contribute a scholarship in your name for a minimum of $500, which will be presented to selected students at our graduation ceremony, at the Margaret Williams Theater at NJCU, in front of an audience of 800 parents and community members. You can also donate any amount and have your business’ name or any name you wish displayed on our graduate program as a contributor to the Friends of UACHS. 

In order to expose our students to the professional world, we would like to send them out to several local businesses in hopes to motivate them to explore their options after high school. Therefore, we are asking if any professionals can take 10 students or more on a tour of their place of business, or at least give our students some meaningful work to do for a one-day internship for an hour or two. If you think you can help mentor our students in this way, please contact

Payment can be submitted via PayPal using  or write a check out to Friends of UACHS. We hope that you can help our students pursue a college education while also beginning a fruitful partnership with University Academy Charter High School and the Friends of UACHS. Thank you for your time and consideration.